when a southern person betrays u: betray’all



Jake English

Dave Strider is DMing my game.


Enjolras requested by preuvairies

Inspired by this picture from Bioshock Infinite

Palette meme ~



A piratey trio commisson for tiny-tveit, who has an rp where Enjolras is the captain, Combeferre is the sailing master, and Courfeyrac is the quartermaster. Their designs are based on the descriptions she gave me (e.g. as you can see Captain Enjolras has a scar and such.) I hope the players enjoy :)

Available as a print on Society 6 as well!

*excited pterodactyl noises*

블락비 (Block B) && HER
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K-Song Of The Day | BLOCK B- "Her"

When listening to this song on the first try it was not hard to pinpoint whom Block B were inspired/influenced by when this song was made. That crazy funky feel with the help of a choir, tambourines and nice guitar/base sound to really drive the energy of the song. It’s a different feel from Block B but a welcoming one from this fan who constantly keeps this song on repeat.