theme #009- when the zeroes line up


The first theme I finished on the new Mac! Hope it’s not toooooo buggy… (Image preview is weird, go to the static preview for full effect.)

  • 500px posts
  • Five custom links
  • one updates tab with
  • One little sidebar image

!IMPORTANT: Your updates box will NOT size automatically. Adjust the height of your box accordingly.

Questions? Bugs? You can find my theme blog here. Don’t delete the credit link please, it’s super cute anyway!


↓ theme .o5  Heαveɴly Blυe⇢ by Jayn

This is based off of Aldnoah Zero’s opening theme ‘Heavenly Blue’ by Kalafina. Very few anime pairings give me warm fuzzy feelings anymore but Slaine and Asseylum kill me. 

If you’re using the theme, plan to, or just like it, please be sure to reblog or like the post so I know! 

Optimized for Chrome. Tested in Opera and Firefox. The blur option won’t show up in the latter. 

If you have any questions or if something isn’t working right, please ask/tell me HERE

LIVE  PREVIEW  // Temporary Alternative Live Preview ( an example of what it could look like with customization! ) ● CODE ● CUSTOMIZING HELP

credit: background/header image // render

f e a t u r e s

  • 250px, 400px or 500px sized posts
  • cool optional rotating news/quotes thing
  • neat optional side image render thing
  • two descriptions wow sugoi ne
  • wicked awesome blurred posts on hover option
  • four optional custom links
  • optional tags, captions/sources, and infinite scroll
  • customizable colors
  • customized scrollbars and titles
  • even a sticky navigation bar at the top whooaa  


I don’t remember when I originally drew this but the lines for this have been sitting around on my computer forever so I colored them real quick (:


I bleed it out…
I’ve opened up these scars… 
I’ll make you face this…!

I’ve pulled myself so far…
I’ll make you face this now…!!

- - - 

This started out as just some facial expression practice and it quickly turned into an all out photoset. I’m beyond happy with it though, I have a thing for blood so that’s always fun to color. Enjoy, you guys ! 




R being a good boyfriend again and helping Enjolras finish his stuff and just go to bed already

born-in-chains-of-revolution is a darling and asked for Grantaire bringing E coffee while he’s working so instead I did this, because you need sleep, Amy.

request me maybe?

Who the fuck thought pokemon was a good idea?